Welcome all, to Holly’s own unofficial celebration of joining the blogging world!

As stated in my about page, I am a prime example of someone who has just started a blog. Eighteen year old female uni student who loves to write and would love for people to love what she write too, hence we find ourselves here. But I am hoping one of you will see something here you find worth reading, and if not, I think I will just about survive.

So hello. Welcome to the world of a perpetually sarcastic student who lives in the middle of nowhere, loves an adventure, tea and marmite. I probably could not be anymore quintessentially British if I tried, got the pasty pale skin to go with it and all.

With any luck, as I have absolutely no direction whatsoever, there will be something for everyone as I will endeavour to be writing about everything and anything. My views and opinions, thoughts and feelings, reviews, recipes, life tips, things I am loving, things I am not and I imagine anything in-between. So have a look around, you might just like what you see.

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