Older, But No Wiser?

It is fast approaching my 19th birthday, meaning it has nearly been a year since I legally became an adult, and 19 years since I popped into this world, clueless and crying. I would love to say that the cluelessness and crying has ceased, however as I begin to make my way into the adult world, I feel it has only increased!

I have learnt a lot over my few short years of living, but there are also a plethora of things I am yet to discover and understand so here is a post about the first 18/19 years of my life, lessons I have or have not learnt and I guess advice for those experiencing the same.

  1. Never will you have so much free time

    I am still getting the hang of this one, but between the ages of 0-22 (ish) never will you have so much time and so little responsibly to do absolutely anything you want. In-between the times you are at school/college/uni you have 6+ weeks of summer where 9 times out of 10 you do not have any work to do apart from a part time job which means the world is your oyster. Unfortunately I can remember a few summers where I have worked ridiculous amounts and then on my days off stayed in bed because I am knackered and by the time its up I wonder where all the time has gone. But as I am fast approaching the end of a very intense year at uni, I am ready to make the most of every free day I have in the summer and I advise all those who can to do the same.


2. You can’t make everyone happy, and not everyone will like you

I really struggle with this one a lot because I always want to make everyone happy and to feel liked. However, I have learnt that it is impossible to be liked by everyone and that is ok. Sometimes people will disagree with you but as long as what you are doing what makes you happy, the people that matter will stick by you.


3. A postive outlook on life makes positive things happen 

I know this sounds a bit hippy-dippy and like I am advocating karma, but I am not. This is something I believe in quite heavily, even if I do not practice what I preach sometimes – If you have a positive mental attitude, and see the bright side of things, 90% of the time good things will ‘happen’ to you. Not in a karma sense, but in the sense you notice more good and positive things when you think in a positive way. Now I am famous in my family for being good at getting in a grump, but when I do remember to keep positive, it helps.
A smile goes a really long way. 


4. Admin days are bloody great

If you are in that college/uni stage, you are gradually having to do more ‘adult’ things such as book appointments, write important emails, pay bills, buy essentials etc. Setting aside a day to get all of these things ticked off a list is one of the most satisfying things and makes you feel incredibly productive.

5. Do not pay attention to the media

We all fall victim to it, I do all the time, but if you can help it, stop valuing yourself based on what you see in magazines, on tv, Instagram, Facebook etc. IT IS NOT HEALTHY. Sure the internet and media can be a place of great inspiration and motivation, but it is also a breeding ground for unrealistic expectations and a large kick in the teeth for self esteem. If you want to feel good about yourself spend time with your family and friends, go for a run or eat a piece of cake, whatever floats your boat but the media is not the place to look for validation.


6. Tea is glorious

I am British, and I am sorry, I have not grown up enough to condition myself to like coffee even if I wanted to, but tea on the other hand is a gift I wish I could give to everyone. Cold? Cup of tea. Feeling sad? Cup of tea. Having a afternoon snack? Cup of tea. Tea is like having a warm hug on the inside, comes in many different varieties and if made correctly is a sure fire way to cheer me and much of England up. Take note.


7. It is far better to be fool for a minute than it is to be a fool forever 

I can recall more occasions than I wish where I have stopped myself from asking a question to clarify, understand better or just because I simply did not hear which has caused me more grief than it was worth. So I have learnt the hard way, many times, that it really is so much better to be a fool for a minute and as a question than it is to suffer in silence and be a fool forever.

8. Dishwashers are amazing 

For real, after moving to uni halls this year and having no dishwasher I have never appreciated one more.

9. “I am only going to have a couple of drinks tonight” is the biggest lie ever 

Everyone has good intentions when they have stuff to do the next day or are short on money, so we vow to take it easy on the drinks and have an early night. Oh how we lie to ourselves. 90% of the time this is the night you get so drunk that you end up with half a burger in your bed and not a clue how it got there (guilty). And so accept it and quit lying to yourself, its ok that you spilt that tequila down your top at 2am, everyone does.


10. Enjoy the little things 

I may have stolen this from Zombieland, but it is still valid. Enjoy the little things in life that make you happy and you will appreciate life and everything that comes with it.

So here are a few of the many things I have learnt over my short existence. Some were a lot more soppy than I intended but life is great and we should all take the time to reflect every once in a while.



Much Love x

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